Hartpury Digital Skills Framework in Agriculture


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Introduction to our framework

The story so far

Our NFU vision sets out three cornerstones for a prosperous farming sector – boosting productivity, protecting the environment and managing volatility. These things are connected with better productivity critical, not only to maintaining viable and profitable food producing businesses, but also in delivering net zero and resource use efficiency. New technology, and the digital skills to fully exploit it, will be essential if we are to succeed. As farmers and growers our role is not just to produce the nation’s food. Our work also safeguards rural communities in some of the most challenging areas of the country. We do so when our businesses offer rewarding careers and attract new people to our industry and local areas. We must continue to be technology pioneers, building upon our wins. As I look forward, I see exciting new opportunities for people to develop and contribute in new ways. This Digital Skills Framework from Hartpury University and Hartpury College will help farmers and growers, as well as those who support us with learning and advice, understand the digital landscape and how we adapt and grow our people, as well as our businesses.

The development context

3.1 The individual

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3.2 The job

3.3 The organisation

D-I-S-C-O Reference Model

5. References and more information

6. Acknowledgements

Here's how we have defined digital skills

By 'digital' we mean the technology to find, analyse, use, share and create content and data.

"...We must continue to be technology pioneers, building upon our wins"

Digital Skills

Tom Bradshaw NFU Deputy President

We use the word 'skills' broadly to mean the knowledge, behaviours and skills required for effective performance. Taken together these are also called competencies.

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Digital Skills Framework in Agriculture

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